Translational Outcomes Project in Neurotrauma


An NIH funded consortium to support the development and validation of clinically relevant biomarkers for traumatic brain injury (TBI)


TOP-NT is an NIH-funded consortium that supports the development and validation of pathophysiologically based preclinical outcome measures & functional markers that align closely with practical clinical assessments in traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Bedside knowledge and experience will be leveraged to create better assessment tools for preclinical studies, and the resulting data will be made available to researchers.  The goal is to improve the value of preclinical studies to inform clinical diagnoses and prognoses and therapeutic translation.

Call to Action

TOP-NT has three priorities to improve the translation of preclinical TBI research from the bench to the bedside:

1) Design and test new tools to assess target engagment

2) Build a data infrastructure to allow for sharing and reuse of preclicnal research using FAIR data principals

3) Demonstrate the feasibility of multi-site preclincal research trials