Established in 2018

The TOP-NT consortium was formed in 2018 as part of an NIH-funded UG3/UH3  phased cooperative agreement award. The UG3 phase allowed investigators to develop and internally validate a multidisciplinary battery of outcome measures or functional markers that distinguishes between types of injury induced pathology in TBI.  The TOP-NT Consortium was formed from these investigators in order to facilitate collaboration across sites and to establish data collection and sharing strategies – strategies that will enable broad access to methodologies and representative datasets. The UH3 phase supports extension and cross-validation studies for the preclinical assessments across models and sites, and implements the data collection and data sharing mechanisms developed by the TOP-NT Consortium.

Georgetown University & Uniformed Services University focus on synaptic changes after TBI and head impact. They proposed the use of Hcorr, a regional heterogeneity analysis of fMRI signal in the hippocampus to study the tuning and efficiency of neuronal subpopulations in relation to the animal’s cognitive function. 

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University of Florida